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11-year-old girl can’t be ‘willing’ in sex

My rant this week concerns some public responses from the Gang Rape of an 11 year old girl. I am probably one of the most liberal humans on the planet when it comes to sex but to somehow suggest that a rape (let alone gang rape) of an 11 year old girl is her or her parents fault is ludicrous.

11years old! Come on people, what is causing this total lack of reasonable thinking? Anyone that suggests that the girl is somehow to blame should be charged along with the 18 suspects, or at least be subjected to a thorough mental examination.

Isn’t there plenty of events here or abroad that should have the ¬†“do good” zealots aroused. To direct their indignation at an 11 year old fellow human being is¬†absurd.

Till the next rant, stay safe & smell the roses.

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